"Hey, Isaac, did you know that I met your cousin when he challenged Dylan's father for the Cliff Badge? He has spirit, that kid."
— Lycan Singh; "Answers Uncovered"

Lycan Singh is one of the main characters in The Miraculous Adventure of Tessa and Lunala. His current Pokémon team consists of Palkia, Pachirisu and Claydol.

Lycan Singh
22. Lycan Singh


Lycan Singh




Mauville City




Jackson Singh (father)
Analisa Singh (mother)


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Mallory Mikuri
Palkia and the other Legendaries


Dark Matter
Maya (sometimes)


Quick-thinker, and thoughtful

Voice Actor:

Robbie Kay


  • His voice actor, Robbie Kay, is best known for playing Peter Pan in ​Once Upon A Time.
  • He tends to argue with fellow Squad member Maya Shirona-Hart. This is likely because of the rivalry between their Legendary Partners.