Joton's Empoleon

Joton (Percy Treaty)

A mysterious child who knew nothing of his life, Percy Treaty aka Joton was a child who came into the Johto region. He was found by a couple after he flew out of a time portal with a Staraptor. When he was ten, he went to the Sinnoh to be trained by Professor Rowan. His pal Piplup really grew into him and he they were bonded by their friendship. When he was set out, he went to the Kanto region to train. Over there, he became one of the top trainers after he evolved his Piplup to Empoleon. Professor Oak was impressed and gave him a Squirtle which was his travel buddy (Discluded from party). There off he sets back to the Johto region to finish the gyms there. On his fourteenth birthday, he defeats the sixth gym Jasmine. Seeing that she was a shy and timid girl, he asks if she would join the adventure with him. It took a long time for her to figure out but she eventually said yes after Joton saved her life. He eventually changes her personality and they go into a romantic relationship. Joton's life story is called Region Adventures.

Joton's Staraptor

Joton has a kind personality but has a big skill in battle. He is something like Ash but he won't lose temper fast. He doesn't have a boastful feelign and won't say he would win in battle. He is generous and will help anyone in need. He has sea-green eyes, black raven hair, and the cloths of the Diamond, Pearl, Platnium male character but no hat. His girlfriend (eventually) is the gym leader Jasmine. His main Pokemon that he uses are Staraptor and Empoleon. The rest of his party is varied.

Staraptor (Intimidate with Life Orb)- Fly, Close Combat, Brave Bird, Sky Attack

Joton's Squirtle

Empoleon (Torrent with Choice Specs)- Hydro Cannon, Hydro Pump, Surf, Flash Cannon


The correct way to say Joton is "Joe-tan" with a short a

His nickname was made up by one of his friends in the Sinnoh region. His friend had a Jolteon and the Jolteon's name was Joton

Percy Treaty has the two names from the books Ranger's Apprentice and Percy Jackson and the Olympians.