Saturday, 10:30 PM

As a freezing snowstorm raged outside, Ash and Serena got to a Pokemon Center to rent a room.

Ash:I'm freezing cold and my clothes are soaking wet!

Serena:I know, Ashie.I have the same.

As Ash goes to rent a room, Serena goes to the changing room to change into clean clothes.

2 minutes later

Ash:Hey, Serena, I brought you some hot choco-

Ash suddenly notices that Serena is standing there in her bra and panties.

Serena:What are you doing in here, Ashie?

Ash:I-I just brought you some hot chocolate.

Serena:Thanks, Ashie.

Ash gets closer to Serena and hands her a mug of hot chocolate.He then sits down next to her.

Ash:Um, Serena, I've got something to tell you.

Serena:What is it, Ashie?

Ash walks up to Serena, leans forward and kisses her.While doing that, he reaches for her bra clip.

Serena:Um, what are you doing, Ashie?

Ash:Just wait and see*smirks*

Ash unclips Serena's bra and drops it on the floor.


Ash:Don't worry, it'll be okay.

Ash pulls away from Serena and looks at her round, bouncy breasts.He then beckons her over and tells her to sit next to him.

Ash:Now, Serena, look down*smiles*

Serena looks down and notices her bare breasts.

Serena:W-What did you do, Ashie?


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